What’s Included:

  1. Safety Gate Surrounding Playground: Our top priority is safety. That’s why we provide a safety gate surrounding the playground area to keep the kids secure while they play.

  2. Padded Mat Flooring: Soft and cushioned flooring ensures that your little ones can play freely without worrying about bumps and bruises.

  3. Animal Hoppers: Hop, skip, and jump with our adorable animal hoppers, adding an extra element of fun to the party.

  4. Ball Pit with Balls: Dive into the excitement with our ball pit filled with colorful balls, providing endless entertainment for the kids.

  5. Slide: Who doesn’t love a good slide? Our party package includes a slide for hours of sliding fun.

  6. Crawl Foam Play: Let the little ones crawl and explore through our foam play area, designed for maximum enjoyment and sensory stimulation.

  7. Bounce House: And of course, what’s a kids’ party without a bounce house? Our package includes a bounce house to take the excitement to new heights.

Package Details:

  • Duration: 4 hours of non-stop fun.
  • Additional Hours: Need more time? Additional hours are available upon request.
  • Price: $350